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In August 2013, I visited my cousins in Sydney, Australia. Upon arrival, I was excited to see three caravans and the carcass of a bus in their backyard. 

They were in the process of doing them up. One caravan housed pythons, which my cousin was breeding, the other caravan my cousin and his wife were doing up to sell, and the other was my aunty and uncles guest bedroom! I loved sleeping in the do up caravan one night, and it got me thinking...I should give this a go...I was halfway through my interior studies, working as a receptionist and badly needed a creative outlet.

Two months later I was talking with a couple of friends about the idea of renovating a caravan, and how I was excited yet apprehensive. One of them said 'Just go for it, what have you got to loose?!' I decided that moment when I got home to start searching...long story short, two weeks later I was picking up a 1980 CI Munroe, with original furnishings and a rusty chassis, scared it wasn't going to make the trip back home! 

The next concern was where was this 13 footer was going to fit. Space was limited in our driveway so it ended up squishing between the garage and some trees on the front garden, with literally an inch to spare! Over the course of a year, between working, studying, volunteering, trying to keep up with my fitness goals and a 5 month stint in Mexico, I finished it! My family was an integral part of the process; my dad helped with the building aspect, mum sewed the curtains and my brother looked after the electrical issues. 

Below, the pictures will tell the rest of the story. What was once an outdated, musky, smelly interior was then transformed into a modern space, with loads of light, functional seating and a clean colour palate. Issues such as leaks, tricky measurements, a tight budget and structural issues definately kept me busy, but the results were worth it! The profit was double of what I had invested, I enjoyed a sense of accomplishment and I had one happy new owner who fell in love with it and brought it for extra accomodation for family on their Northland Farm!





   Fresh  light  roomy  welcoming  cohesive 




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