Image Courtesy of Pinterest

´Get the Look´ is the first of three E-Design Options. Have you ever seen an image of a space on Pinterest or Instagram and swooned over it? This is the option for you! Send me the picture  of the space that you are in love with, and I´ll go to work sourcing the products for you!  

​I´ll do my best to find the closest decor I can to match the items in the image, and send over a completed styling board with a specifications list of your dream decor. Take a look below at an example, and get in touch to talk more! 


I will send you a back a styling board with images of the matching decor 


Send me your inspiration image via email

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Does this seem like something that would suit your needs? Pop me an email so we can chat more about this option! I look forward to talking with you. Talk soon, 

                                                                                                     Vienna  xx


 A detailed list with links to the matching products and the total cost will also be made available for quick and easy purchases! 

Get the Look Examples

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